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Use an Enclosure to Protect your Sensaphone from Harsh Elements


Keeping electronics clean and dry is the best way to keep them working for years to come. Many consumer electronics such as a TV or radio wouldn't be expected to work for very long in many of the applications where Sensaphone devices are deployed. Sensaphone devices are designed to be rugged and reliable, but some models have limitations. That's why we suggest purchasing a model that is designed to work in your application.

One of the biggest mistakes our customers make is purchasing the affordable 400 and 800 models. They'll place them in dirty, unclean, and humid agricultural environments such as hog barns, chicken coops, greenhouses or pump stations. For these applications, we recommend upgrading to a Sensaphone 1400 or 1800.

Weatherproof NEMA 4X Enclosure

The Sensaphone 1400 and 1800 units are installed in a weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure that will prevent the electronics from corroding and being covered in dirt. The phone line and sensor input wires are run through a watertight connection that prevents dirt, dust and humidity from reaching the Sensaphone. In addition, they will also accept any sensor with a 4-20mA output. These sensors will report real world values such as well levels, air quality and more.

Cloud-based Systems Need Enclosures Too

Many of the Sentinel cloud-based devices are also finding their way into applications where an enclosure is recommended. The Sentinel is available in a weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure for applications in unclean environments. Much like the 1400 and 1800, the Sentinel in the NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure will provide reliable monitoring in many greenhouse, livestock and water applications.

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