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Cloud Expansion: Improve the Performance of Your Remote Monitoring System

cloud expansion

Sensaphone customers have been using the WEB600 for over 11 years. The long life it provides has made it a reliable resource for users monitoring businesses, residences, hotels, HVAC interests and many other applications. The WEB600 comes with six universal digital or analog inputs, so you can monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity and water detection. Like many other Sensaphone products, it provides one output and also monitors for power failures on the circuit where it is installed.

The Sensaphone WSG30 became available a few years later. It offers nearly the same capabilities of the WEB600, but monitors up to 30 wireless sensors. However, the WEB600 and WSG30 have a few drawbacks when compared with newer remote monitoring systems.

Both devices have built-in web servers that host a website on the local network where they are installed. Because of this, they can be difficult to access outside of that network. This is a plus for users who don’t want their devices accessible outside of their network. However, it can be challenging if you’re not familiar with how to access your network remotely.

The second drawback is that neither the WEB600 nor the WSG30 were designed to allow management of multiple devices. Because of this, users have to log in to each device separately to check the current status and program the devices. And if your network goes down during a power or network outage, neither device has any way of sending alarm messages during the outage.

Implementing Cloud Solutions Within Your Existing Infrastructure

PH_SCD-SCPRO_CD_Left_HRAs technology advances, these devices don’t have to be left out. Users are able to take advantage of a lesser-known feature that's helped both devices be used in building automation processes. This feature allows the WEB600 and WSG30 to function as expansion modules to the newer, more user-friendly Sentinel PRO or Stratus EMS devices. The older hardware can become a part of a larger network of monitoring systems with more modern, convenient features and redundant alarm notifications.

With a Sentinel PRO or Stratus EMSPH_EMS-7600_Right as a host device, you can monitor up to 64 inputs from any combination of existing WEB600- or WSG30-based sensors in addition to their own 12 universal inputs. No change to the
WEB600 and WSG30 systems is required. In fact, they can still operate independently and can be used as a redundancy to the broader system.

Using a cloud-based host device will place the data from the older devices into the cloud. Users can take advantage of all the functionality of the cloud system; an intuitive and user-friendly web-based user interface available from anywhere with a device that has an internet connection, allows management of an unlimited number of devices from one login, a mobile app, and alarm notifications sent via phone call, text message and email. The cloud system also provides peace of mind that your network and power are up and running by monitoring the connection to every device. If the connection is lost, you’ll receive an alarm message.

For more information about how to move your network-based Sensaphone products into an easier to manage, more user-friendly cloud-based system, contact our technical sales support team.