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Monitoring Pulse Counts and Run Times with Sensaphone Devices


Sensaphone remote monitoring systems can be connected to a variety of sensors and accessories to keep tabs on basic environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and water detection, security and power failures. All of these sensors require one of four output types to work with Sensaphone devices: 2.8k, 10k, dry contact (digital), or 4-20mA (analog). In addition to monitoring those sensor outputs, some Sensaphone devices can monitor pulse counts and runtimes — useful capabilities for water/wastewater and HVAC applications

Alerting when flow rates get too high or low

Pulse counting is most often associated with flow totalization meters. Flow totalization meters measure the amount of liquid or gas traveling through pipes. When installed in line with the pipe, the most basic flow meters have a wheel or propeller that is turned by the liquid moving past. For each turn of the wheel or several turns of the wheel, the sensor will emit a pulse. Sensaphone devices like the Sentinel and Express II systems can be wired to these meters and programmed to read, count and interpret these pulses.

Once installed and programmed, the Sensaphone device will display the total amount of liquid or gas passing through the pipe in real time. Users can set high and low flow limits and program the unit to send alarm notifications when those limits are exceeded.

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Monitoring the run time of pumps and generators

Many pumps and generators have relays or switches that change positions when the pump is on. In these cases, a Sensaphone device can be wired to them to detect when the pump or generator is switched on and keep a running log of the time. Users can program the Sensaphone device to send an alarm message when the run time has reached a certain number of hours. This can be useful for managing maintenance schedules and life cycles on the monitored equipment.

Getting more from legacy equipment

Monitoring pulse counts and monitoring run times are very simple and easy ways to extract more data from remote locations that have legacy equipment. Many modern flow meters offer a 4-20mA or Modbus output that provides an easier user experience, and some modern generators or pumps have built-in smart functionality. But you can get more peace of mind with older pumps or generators by utilizing a remote monitoring system with existing flow meters. It’s an easy way to know that everything is okay while the staff isn’t on site.

Sensaphone offers a wide range of monitoring systems to support your needs. For more information or help finding the right system for your facility, contact one of our experts today. 



Integrating Remote Monitoring Systems into Modern, Wastewater Processing Facilities