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Buying a Temperature Sensor? Read This First.

Temperature Sensors

When selecting a temperature sensor for your Sensaphone system, there are many important factors to consider before making a purchase. For example, not all Sensaphone systems will work with every sensor in the product line. Furthermore, some sensors are better suited for measuring ambient air temperatures, while others will do better inside a closed space such as refrigerator or server rack. Still others are specially designed for use in extreme environments.

Not sure where to start? We’ve created this quick and simple reference guide to make the process of sensor selection easier for you.

Wireless Temperature Sensors

If you need a wireless temperature sensor, you’ll also need a Sensaphone that will be able to communicate with it. Both the WSG30 and 2800 models have their own line of wireless sensors that work exclusively with those devices. These wireless temperature sensors can measure the ambient air temperature. They can also connect to a temperature probe that monitors temperatures inside a refrigerator or freezer.

Ultra-Low Temperature Restrictions

If you need to monitor a specific temperature range, you must make sure that both the sensor and Sensaphone are capable of monitoring that range. The Sensaphone 400 is often used to monitor the alarm panel of ultra-low temperature freezers, but it is unable to monitor the actual temperature in the freezer. Sensaphone recommends products such as the Sentinel and 2.8K Ultra Low Temperature Sensor to monitor and send alerts about the temperature within the freezer as well as the alarm panel.

Extreme Temperature Ranges

Many industrial applications need to measure a wide temperature range. For that purpose, we recommend the RTD probe with 4-20mA transmitter. This sensor and its included transmitter are capable of monitoring temperatures from -200° to 35°C. Additionally, they can be customized to operate over any range between -200° and 204°C. They work for liquid nitrogen and cryogenic storage facilities as well as they do for ovens, autoclaves, boilers, and furnaces.

Additional Solutions

The Sensaphone product line also includes a variety of items that are specific to certain applications. For customers who want to buffer their temperature (as in when a refrigerator door opens), they can purchase a temperature sensor inside a vial filled with glass beads. Many sensors can also be purchased with an accompanying NIST certification. We even offer an outdoor-rated temperature sensor that is resistant to radiant energy, and one that measures the temperature of fluids inside a pipe. Whatever your application, Sensaphone can offer a solution that fits your needs.

If you still have questions, our customer service team is standing by to help you. Call to speak with a member of the Sensaphone sales staff, or to find a qualified reseller near you. Our representatives will listen carefully to your unique concerns to help you select the right remote monitoring system and defend your assets and facility against environmental upsets.