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Tech Talk at Interop 2016

Interop 2016

Once again we sent our tech team to the Interop Expo to share our expertise in data center monitoring with IT professionals from around the country. This event, now in its 30th year, is one of the industry's oldest and most highly regarded technology conferences. It’s a place where more than 7000 tech professionals share ideas, learn about the latest innovations in networking, and discover the best equipment for their operations. This year, a lot of buzz focused on cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

At the expo, we talked to industry pros about our upgraded Infrastructure Monitoring System (IMS) 4000, which provides low-cost, 24/7 monitoring of data center conditions across multiple locations. Professionals working in large data centers were interested in learning how they can use the IMS-4000 when expanding their operations. We showed them how users can connect up to 31 expansion nodes to the base unit. Each IMS-4000 system can monitor up to 64 network devices per host or node, and each node can monitor eight inputs for environmental conditions or alarm contacts from other computer equipment, such as network links, routers, printers and servers.

The upgraded IMS-4000 system features:

  • Web-based responsive user interface with a custom dashboard;
  • Increased security and reporting features;
  • New video capabilities to capture snapshots during alarm events.

If we missed you at Interop this year, you can learn more about how data center remote monitoring systems alert you to issues that threaten your server environments or download our eBook “6 Environmental Threats to Data Centers and Computer Rooms” below.

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Environmental Threats to Data Centers and Computer Rooms