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4 Threats to Your Cannabis Greenhouse That Can Be Eliminated with Remote Monitoring

Cannabis Greenhouse Monitoring

Cannabis plants require very specific environmental conditions to thrive. Even the smallest changes in temperature or humidity can impact a plant’s growth or potency. That's why many cannabis growers raise their crops in greenhouses to create and maintain the best possible growing environment. However, even in controlled environments, cannabis plants require additional protection from potential threats. 

Greenhouse monitoring systems provide an extra layer of protection for your plants. These systems continuously monitor your cannabis greenhouse. They ensure optimal growing conditions and protect against these four environmental threats:

Threat #1: Temperature

Temperature is the most important factor to consider when growing cannabis. Fluctuations in temperature can seriously damage cannabis plants and hinder growth. Freezing temperatures can shock or kill cannabis plants. And high temperatures can slow down plant growth or reduce the potency of the buds.

To maintain an ideal temperature for cannabis plant growth, be sure to install a remote monitoring system and place temperature sensors throughout your facility. When temperatures go outside of your set high/low ranges, these temperature sensors will send a signal to the main unit. The system will then send alerts to designated personnel via phone call, text or email. Instant notifications keep you informed and allow you to take action before irreversible damage occurs. 

Threat #2: Humidity Levels

Cannabis plants require the correct humidity level to remain healthy and thrive. Low relative humidity (RH) slows the photosynthetic process, while high RH promotes the growth of mold and fungus. The best RH level for each plant depends on its growth stage. Cuttings and seedlings grow best with a higher RH, while more mature plants thrive on a lower RH.

A greenhouse monitoring system allows you to continuously monitor humidity and data log humidity levels. Over time, you can identify the specific humidity levels that work best for different varieties of plants and growth phases. You can also program the system to send alarms when greenhouse humidity levels fall outside of preset parameters. 

Threat #3: Power Outages

When a power outage occurs, you need to know immediately. Greenhouse equipment requires a constant power supply. All of these systems keep your plants alive and healthy:

  • Lighting systems
  • Water wells
  • Heater and ventilation fans
  • Louvers
  • Sprinkler/watering systems
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

The longer these systems are down, the more danger your cannabis plants are in. A greenhouse monitoring system sends you an alert as soon as the power goes out. This allows you to act quickly to prevent massive plant loss. These systems feature a rechargeable battery backup to ensure uninterruptible power supply. When a power outage occurs, they continue to monitor critical conditions and send alerts.

Threat #4: CO2 Levels

Maintaining ideal CO2 levels in your cannabis greenhouse is critical to growing stronger, healthier plants and increasing your plant yield. Like any other plant, cannabis needs CO2 to thrive. When a plant carries out photosynthesis, it uses both CO2 and light from the sun or light bulbs to produce sugar and oxygen. The sugar is converted into energy and the oxygen is released back into the atmosphere. A higher concentration of CO2 levels will boost photosynthesis, which in turn will lead to increased plant growth.

It’s important to monitor greenhouses to ensure that plants never exhaust their CO2 supply. Remote monitoring systems are available with CO2 sensors in order to prevent levels from dropping too low. They continuously monitor CO2 levels in your facility and notify you as soon as readings go out of range.

In Conclusion

Remote monitoring systems monitor multiple environmental conditions 24/7, providing an extra level of protection. Using these systems helps to improve plant growth and ensure a better end product. They are a very cost-effective way to get peace of mind!

For more information, check out this article, Tips for Using a Greenhouse Monitoring System to Protect Your Cannabis Plants. This article discusses what conditions you should monitor in your cannabis greenhouse. It also offers expert advice for selecting the right system for your facility.