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Use an Enclosure to Protect your Sensaphone System from Harsh Elements


Keeping electronics clean and dry is best way to keep them working at top performance for many years. You wouldn't expect consumer electronics like TVs and radios to work for very long in many of the applications where our devices are deployed. Although, Sensaphone devices are designed to be rugged and reliable, some models have limitations. We suggest purchasing a model that comes with an enclosure if it will be used outdoors or in a harsh environment. 

Rugged environments need weatherproof enclosures for industrial remote monitoring systems

One of the biggest mistakes Sensaphone customers make is purchasing the lower cost 400 and 800 remote monitoring system models for challenging applications. These include dirty, unclean, and humid agricultural environments such as hog barns, chicken coops, greenhouses and pump stations. These applications generally require a Sensaphone 1400 or 1800 remote monitoring system

Both the 1400 and 1800 systems are installed in a weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure that will protect the electronics from dirt and corrosion. The phone line and sensor input wires run through a watertight connection that prevents dirt, dust and humidity from reaching the Sensaphone device itself. In addition, the 1400 and 1800 systems accept any sensor with a 4-20mA output, so they can report real world values such as well levels and air quality.

Many of the Sentinel cloud-based devices are used successfully in applications that require an enclosure. Sentinel and Sentinel Pro systems are available in a weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure. Much like the 1400 and 1800 systems, Sentinel systems used with NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosures will provide reliable monitoring in many greenhouselivestock and water applications.

Sensaphone remote monitoring products rated for industrial applications:

Sensaphone 1400
Sensaphone 1800
Sensaphone Express II
Sensaphone Sentinel with NEMA 4X
Sensaphone Sentinel with Cellular Modem
Sensaphone Sentinel Pro with NEMA 4X
Sensaphone Sentinel Pro with Cellular Modem

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