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Maintaining the Best Cannabis Growing Environment Using a Data Logger

Cannabis growing facility

Maintaining an ideal growing environment for cannabis plants is not an easy task. Personnel must monitor a variety of factors to ensure their plants stay healthy. Temperature, humidity, equipment status, CO2, and lighting are only a few of the conditions that need to be monitored 24/7. 

However, it can be difficult to continuously monitor equipment status and environmental changes, especially after-hours or during the off-season. That’s why many cannabis growing facilities are using remote monitoring technology to protect their plant inventory. 

Instant Notification of Threats 

A remote monitoring system can detect issues such as unexpected temperature changes, humidity fluctuations, power outages, low CO2, unauthorized access, incorrect water pH and improper soil moisture. It sends an instant notification via email, text message or phone call when conditions fall outside of your preset range. 

These types of systems can help keep your cannabis plants healthy, increase your return on investment and multiply your yields. They can also help you identify patterns and trends in environmental conditions and get insight into larger issues before they impact your plants. 

All data can be viewed online at any time. Whether you are on-site or off-site, you can see the real-time status of all monitored conditions and equipment. You can access trending reports, review alarm history, and view the status of multiple areas. 

Data Logging Capabilities

One of the greatest benefits of a remote monitoring system is that it can also function as a data logger. Manually monitoring and recording environmental parameters takes a significant amount of personnel time. Fortunately, remote monitoring systems like the Sensaphone Sentinel automatically record tens of thousands of data points, dates and times. They provide unlimited storage and let users view, graph, print and export data. 

This information provides valuable insights on environmental changes at your cannabis growing operation that are starting to affect the quality of your product. For example, if the temperature increases gradually over an extended period of time, the change may not be noticeable. Since the data logger monitors trends, personnel can find out what areas or equipment might be causing these changes. 

Data loggers might also show power fluctuations occurring at regular intervals or signs of a ventilation fan or lighting fixture beginning to malfunction. This allows you to take action and repair or replace equipment before total failure. Over the long run, comparing temperatures and other environmental conditions from year to year can help growers determine the optimal growing conditions for different areas of the facility. Moving forward, personnel can then make adjustments to the environment to optimize plant health, production and yield. 

Monitoring cannabis growing facilities with data loggers helps facility managers ensure optimal growing conditions and protect their investment. For tips on selecting a system for your facility, read our blog, Choosing the Right Monitoring System for Cannabis Growing Facilities, or contact a product expert today. 


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