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NIST Certified Refrigerator Temperature Sensors: What You Should Know

NIST Certified

Temperature monitoring is essential for industries that store valuable products in refrigerators or freezers. These products include vaccines, pharmaceuticals, research samples and medical inventory. Sudden temperature changes are the first sign that equipment is failing. Alerting personnel to temperature changes can save millions of dollars or years of research.

That’s why many facilities use refrigerator temperature sensor probes connected to a remote monitoring system. A remote monitoring system ensures continuous monitoring of your critical vaccines, samples and products. These systems allow you to check temperature at anytime, from anywhere. 

But how can you be sure that your sensors or probes are indicating the correct temperature? A NIST traceable certificate provides that assurance. This certificate indicates how close the temperature probe reading is to the internationally recognized standard maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). All equipment used to produce NIST traceable certificates is also NIST traceable. This ensures that the measurements can be traced back to this single reference.

Calibrating probes in-house

Sensaphone ships paper certificates with each NIST certified sensor. In-house NIST calibrated probes provide a number of benefits:

  1. Sensaphone can better control probe inventory. When the probes are calibrated in-house, we can provide a more up-to-date certificate.
  2. You know that the calibration was performed within the month of purchase.
  3. All calibration data is recorded, so you can quickly receive a copy of the certificate by email.
  4. You receive uniform certificates that contain the same amount of data displayed in the same way every time. Each certificate states the serial number, date of calibration and calibration data.


Glass beads slow the response time of the sensor, allowing normal daily operations to occur without initiating the alarm.

Refrigerator Temperature Sensor Recalibrations

Most fields of practice require you to recalibrate temperature sensors and probes each year. This helps you ensure more accurate temperature readings and the quality of products stored in refrigerators. Sensaphone can satisfy this requirement while eliminating the risk of downtime. Please contact Sensaphone for details regarding our recalibration policy.

Custom Temperature Sensor Calibrations

A Sensaphone refrigerator temperature sensor with NIST calibration consists of three temperature points: 15 °C, 0 °C, and 25 °C. If you want to calibrate the probe at a certain temperature point, you can specify up to four temperature points per calibration. You can use a custom calibration of any temperature between -30 °C (-22 °F) to 55 °C (131°F).

Sensaphone has been helping customers protect valuable assets for over 40 years. We have a variety of sensors and remote monitoring systems for medical cold storage applications. Systems are available with hardwired or wireless sensors, depending on your needs. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your facility. Call us today to discuss your monitoring needs.


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