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Prevent Frozen Pipes with an Affordable Sensaphone Remote Monitoring Device



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Despite the unusually warm weather we’ve had so far this fall, the first real cold snap of the season is looming. With winter's cold temperatures comes something every homeowner should be concerned about: frozen pipes. This is a particularly important issue for vacation homes that are left vacant for large chunks of time without a home temperature monitor

Frozen pipes are one of the great headaches of the winter season. More than 250,000 families and homes experience frozen and/or burst pipes each year in the U.S., representing 10% of home owner insurance claims. According to Groundworks, more than half of the U.S. states have pipes that are likely to freeze. 


When your plumbing system stays at low temperatures for too long, the water in your pipes can freeze. Since water expands 10% when it freezes, pipes can burst—and you will have to deal with the flooding, damages, expenses and stress that come along with them.
Who wants to spend the coldest months of the year dealing with your insurance company instead of relaxing in your warm living room.

Vacation homes are a particular risk

Preventing frozen pipes in your primary residence is usually a simple matter of keeping your heat on and letting at-risk faucets drip. Preventing a freeze in vacation homes, cottages and cabins can be trickier. It’s hardly economical to keep your heat on throughout the season. Plus, accidents like power outages or sudden drafts from opened doors or windows can quickly lead to a pipe disaster.

An extra layer of protection for while you are away

To keep pipes from freezing while you’re away, consider remote monitoring technology from Sensaphone. The Sensaphone 400 is a cost-effective, user-friendly system that keeps track of your home temperature and can alert you when something is amiss.

The Sensaphone 400 can monitor the temperature anywhere you need. Living rooms, attics and basements are commonly monitored. You simply set a temperature limit, and the system will call, text or e-mail you or an emergency contact when temperatures drop below that limit. The system can also connect to contact switches to alert you of unintentionally opened windows or doors that let cold drafts in.

Up to four emergency contacts can be programmed into the unit. That way a trusted friend or caretaker  can fix the temperature if you’re unable to travel to the location. 

In addition, the Sensaphone 400 monitoring system can update you with real-time status reports about water leaks, potential break-ins, power outages and humidity. This adds a layer of protection to your home, preventing damage year-round.

To learn how you can select or upgrade a monitoring system to your home or facility, contact a Sensaphone expert today at 877-373-2700.