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Why it's so Important to Test Your Sensaphone Remote Monitoring System

We recommend you test your remote monitoring system from Sensaphone weekly to be sure it is functioning properly. This will ensure that when a problem arises the device will be ready to alert the..

Tech Talk at Interop 2016

Once again we sent our tech team to the Interop Expo to share our expertise in data center monitoring with IT professionals from around the country. This event, now in its 30th year, is one of the..

Buying a Temperature Sensor? Read This First.

When selecting a temperature sensor for your Sensaphone system, there are many important factors to consider before making a purchase. For example, not all Sensaphone systems will work with every..

Should You Purchase a Landline for Your Sensaphone Device?

For customers who choose a traditional autodialer Sensaphone device that relies on a phone line to communicate and send alarms, an analog phone line—also known as “plain old telephone service” or a..

Choose Your Wireless Sensors the Smart Way

Many Sensaphone customers have found that using wireless sensors to monitor a variety of applications can be much more convenient than going through the trouble of running wires to traditional hard..