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What to Consider When Choosing A Data Center Monitoring System

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When you’re responsible for monitoring critical server equipment, issues can't wait for your attention. And these issues go beyond ensuring the health of the data itself. You need a system that can notify you immediately about high room temperatures, power outages, water damage and other issues so that you can take fast, corrective action.

Improving Food Safety & Quality with Temperature Monitoring Systems

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Maintaining a proper temperature is essential to protecting perishable food items stored in refrigerators or freezers. Food that isn’t stored properly can spoil or become contaminated. Sixty million tons of food is wasted in North America every year, with 22 percent lost after production and before consumption. Monitoring food storage temperatures can help you minimize food waste and ensure food safety.

Many facilities rely on their employees to manually monitor food storage temperatures and critical conditions. However, this method of monitoring is not only time-consuming, but expensive. Not to mention, your..

Wireless Temperature Sensor Ensures Accurate Reading of Contents in Refrigerators and Freezers

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If you are responsible for inventory stored in commercial refrigerators and freezers, temperature monitoring, immediate alarm notification and secure data logging are essential. Whether you are storing food products or pharmaceuticals, these units can contain assets worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. And holding these products at the wrong temperatures can compromise quality and lead to serious consequences like food-borne illnesses or unviable medications.

Beyond Security Systems: Protecting Property with a Home Temperature Monitor

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Security systems help protect your home and family from intruders and notify you when they detect smoke or CO. They can provide peace of mind and alert you to some potential dangers. But these systems won’t notify you of other potential home disasters, such as temperatures rising or falling to dangerous levels.

Remote temperature monitoring is critical to preventing damage when temperatures get too high or too low. Power outages and equipment malfunctions can cause heaters or air conditioners to fail without warning at your vacation home, cabin, cottage or unattended property. Without a home temperature monitor,..

How to Use a Data Logger to Comply with VFC Programs

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The Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program provides vaccines at no cost to children whose families may not be able to afford them otherwise. Since its implementation in 1994, the program has prevented over 320 million illnesses and saved the lives of over 732,000 children, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Proper storage of these vaccines plays a key role in maintaining quality and protecting children from vaccine-preventable diseases. Recently, the CDC issued new requirements for storing vaccines in medical grade refrigerators or freezers. They now require you to use a..

New Sensors Ensure 24/7 HVAC Remote Monitoring

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For many years Sensaphone's remote monitoring systems have been able to connect with sensors to monitor vital environmental and operating conditions in HVAC systems. Conditions like temperature, humidity, power failure, water leaks, and equipment failure can all play a part in creating a comfortable environment. Using an environmental monitoring system allows users to remotely view their monitored conditions and receive alarms via the built-in autodialers. 

Now we also offer sensors that can measure airflow in ductwork, differential pressure in ducts and rooms, and dew point. All of these sensors can be used with..

Selecting the Right Sensors for Cleanroom Monitoring

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Many manufacturing and research processes require a clean production environment where operators can control factors like temperature, airflow, humidity and airborne particulates. These work areas must maintain specific parameters to ensure that environmental conditions don't compromise the products in any way.

When controlled environments don’t meet standards to prevent particle contamination, operators must maintain designated cleanrooms. Operations that require cleanrooms include electronics production, pharmaceutical processes, medical and scientific research, aerospace manufacturing and optics development.

4 Threats to Your Cannabis Greenhouse That Can Be Eliminated with Remote Monitoring

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Cannabis plants require very specific environmental conditions to thrive. Even the smallest changes in temperature or humidity can impact a plant’s growth or potency. That's why many cannabis growers raise their crops in greenhouses to create and maintain the best possible growing environment. However, even in controlled environments, cannabis plants require additional protection from potential threats. 

Greenhouse monitoring systems provide an extra layer of protection for your plants. These systems continuously monitor your cannabis greenhouse. They ensure optimal growing conditions and protect against these..