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Wireless Connection Just Got Easier with Our Ethernet-to-WiFi Adapter

If you own one of our remote environmental monitoring systems that depend on an Ethernet connection, you already know how simple it is to monitor and log data about crucial conditions in any location...

Prevent Frozen Pipes with Solutions from Sensaphone

Winter is upon us again, and it's time to gear up for the cold weather. Whether you love or hate the low temperatures, there’s something every homeowner should be concerned about: preventing frozen..

Sensaphone Products Made in the USA

A Patriotic History

Using a Sensaphone auto dialer without a landline

Not all locations which you need to monitor have access to a telephone land line or an internet connection. However, there are still options to provide your Sensaphone auto dialer with an alternative..

Use an Enclosure to Protect your Sensaphone from Harsh Elements

Keeping electronics clean and dry is test best way to keep them working for years to come. Many consumer electronics such as a TV or radio wouldn't be expected to work for very long in many of the..